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Jamie Diggs of Jetsetters Group Inc is a violent and unstable man!! My wife and I attended a travel presentation in Eugene Oregon this Jamuary and were astonished at the evil soul and angry man we encountered.

We were invited to attend a travel show and at the end loved the product and were considering buying when we asked a few questions Mr Diggs seemed very agitated like something was on his mind. He then sprung up and got very angry at us shoving us toward the door and yelling in a wild and uncontrollable matter. A young gentleman had to come in and stop him from his Tiraid. He seemed to be Jamie's boss but was unable to stop his evil glances completely.

After a few mins he was able to get Jamie away from us but we decided to leave without the gift we were promised for attending. Once we left we ran into another of their staff members who informed us that he was not all there and as big and dumb as he looked. Once we got home we did a couple google searches on him and his company and were astonished to find a police article on him from 2011 where he attacked his pregnant wife and beat 2 of his children under the age of 3 to the point they had to be medflighted to save their lives. I am just so thankful to God that he was whisked away from us.

Jamie Diggs is the only man that has ever looked into our eyes and made our hearts shutter.

There is true evil inside his heart and I'd recommend that you avoid him or any company he is with. If you see him run!!!!

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Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #1285803

Somehow, I think that there is a whole lot more to this story than what is printed here.

to Pete #1334502

I am that ex-wife who he assaulted. He ruined everything.

My kids, my credit, my trust. They still won't put him away.

Anyone whwhencounters his rage should contact authorities. To refrain will just mean more victims.nt

to Pete #1336598

There actually is more to this story. The above "story" was a completely fabricated fantasy written by a disgruntled employee.

The supposed "young man" in the above fantasy who supposedly stopped this dastardly moment was actually an employee who was highly addicted to drugs and alcohol. None of the statements made above are actual truth. When he was fired for stealing from the company, he immediately went on a rampage of disgusting posts all over the internet to make Jamie look horrible. I know this because I worked for Jamie several times and have always known him to be a kind and super respectful man.

He was always kind to his clients and has left an amazing trail of happy, satisfied clients during his travels. He's a very private man, who has had the misfortune to meet a couple of extremely bitter, shady people in his life who have turned his life into a literal living ***. The comments and the story you see above are testament to my words. I actually feel sorry for these people because you can feel in their written words how much hate and bitterness they actually have in their hearts.

May God forgive them for their actions someday. This is just a shame that these people feel the need to hurt and batter someone instead of helping them after all the pain you already caused this man.

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